The Acorns Equine clinic is located on a site of approximately six acres (including over four and a half acres of paddocks) in a peaceful rural setting. We have large car and lorry parking areas with a safe secure trotting up and examination area. We currently have five stables (including a large mare and foal box) to hospitalise horses. We positively encourage horses to come to the clinic as outpatients where we have all the clinic’s resources at our disposal to provide a better service (this also saves our clients a visit fee).




  • Mobile wireless DR digital Radiography, for state of the art examinations either at your own stable or at the clinic.
  • Mobile digital ultrasonography, both for lameness evaluation of soft tissue structures as well as stud work.  (We can reliably diagnose pregnancy 13/14 days after conception).
  • Digital video endoscopy. Both respiratory and gastroscopy (Gastric ulcers).
  • Practice laboratory.  Same day Haematology and Biochemistry blood results. Overnight cultures of cervical/ endometrial swabs, /smears for mares during the stud season.
  • Veterinary (2 or 5 stage) pre-purchase examinations, or Veterinary examinations for mortality insurance.  Pre-purchase radiography.
  • On site operating theatre where we can carry out a variety of surgical procedures.
  • On site stabling for both surgical and medical patients.
  • Tendon repair with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), or stem cells (A Cell).
  • Dermatology referrals
  • AI (Chilled /fresh semen).  (We are happy to stable mares at the clinic for AI). BEVA approved practice.
  • Lameness investigation clinics together with registered physiotherapist Susanna Grady for horses who have concurrent back problems.
  • We are happy to liase with either our client's own farrier for surgical or remedial shoeing; alternatively we have surgical farriery clinics with Richard Gerkin at the practice premises.
  • Dentistry clinic, where in addition to routine tooth rasping and extractions by qualified veterinary surgeons, we can also try to improve the horse’s acceptance of the bit by creating ‘bit seats’. Alternatively we are happy to work with BEVA approved equine dentists at our client’s own premises.
  • We can now offer our clients LASER therapy, to facilitate the healing of soft tissue injuries and wounds



For clients who do not have access to their own transport we can normally arrange transportation both to and from the clinic. The charge for this service is a matter of negotiation between the transporters and the client directly.