Acorns Equine Supplements


We are pleased to announce that we now have our own range of high quality competitively priced supplements.  We believe that they will help keep your much loved horse in full work and hopefully 'earning his oats' for longer.  These supplements are all available as over 'the counter' sales.  We do not necessarily need to come out and examine your horse first.


Acorns Equine 'Blood Tonic'


This is a highly absorbable and extremely palatable Iron, Vit B-complex and Cobalt enriched syrup on a sorbitol base.  High levels of Vitamin B12 helps to build red blood cells.  We recommend using this product in performance horses.  This will also help act as 'a pick me up' for horses suffering from viral infections, horses suffering from a poor appetite, or those who are in poor overall condition, or just 'run down' generally.



Acorns Equine 'Calm and Collected'.


This supplement contains high levels of the amino acid Tryptophane, the mineral Magnesium and the live yeast Saccharomyces Cervisiae.Tryptophane is a precursor of the brain neurotransmitter Serotonin, which is associated with feelings of calmness, wellbeing and happiness.  Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in the body, it helps regulate over 300 enzymes.  It is particularly useful in regulating neuromuscular function.  When a muscle cell is stimulated to contract, calcium ions flood into the cell across the cell membrane.  Intracellular magnesium subsequently helps push them back out, allowing it to relax again.  When there is not enough magnesium in the cell, the muscles tighten up, putting the body in a continually tense /stressed state.  Low magnesium levels makes nerve endings hypersensitive, thus exacerbating the response to pain and noise.


Acorns Equine 'Clear Air'.


We recommend using this product when the first signs of breathing discomfort or coughing appear.  It contians both Eucalyptus oil and Menthol, (along with Cider Vinnegar, Honey, Garlic and Lemon juice). This is a highly palatable formulation.  It helps to open /clear the airways and should be used in conjunction with appropriate management changes, (eg. soaking /steaming the hay, or feeding Hayledge).  Warning this product may contravene the rules of some (affilated /FEI) equestrian competitions.  Please check with your governing body.


Acorns Equine 'Concentrated Hoof Supplement'.


This is a superior feed supplement for horses with poor quality hooves.  It contians high levels of Biotin and all the nutrients necessary to protect and nourish every layer within the hoof wall.  This Sulphur enriched formula, which also boasts significant levels of Methionine, MSM and Zinc, will ensure that the most important nutrients are supplied to your horse's diet, to optimise hoof growth and to improve the strength and integrity of the hoof walls.


Acorns Equine 'Gastric Aid'.


This is a nutritional supplement suitable for horses suffering from (or prone to) gastric ulceration EGUS, (-please refer to our factsheet).  We recommend that all cases of EGUS are first diagnosed /confirmed  by endoscopic examination.  We usually advise that the lesions are first treated with a course of oral omeprazole (eg. Ulcergold etc).  Once the lesions have resolved with this medication, we recommend that Gastric Aid is fed along with appropriate management changes to manage this condition in the longer term.  This product contians a unique formulation of prebiotics, amino acids, sodium algenate and specific minerals (eg Kaolin etc).  These help to line the stomach wall, to protect it from further erosion /washing by the stomach acids and to maintain a healthy digestive tract lining.


Acorns Equine Joint Supplements ('Joint Aid' and 'Premium Joint mobility').


For clients looking for a premium grade glucosamine supplement, our 'Joint Aid' is the answer.  This supplement contains over 99% Glucosamine HCL.  Glucosamine is one of the components necessary for the nutritional maintenance /support of healthy cartillage.  We recommend this product especially for horses /ponies who are not necessarily overtly lame, but may be in middle age and just not as flexible /free moving as they used to be.


Our 'Premium Joint Mobility' supplement in addition to glucosamine also contains Chondroitin Sulphate, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid as well as the plant extract Boswellia Serrata.  This (as the name suggests) is a premium product and is superior in its actions to our more basic Joint Aid.  Fed at the recommended dose, it will help enhance the levels of joint glucosaminoglycans (GAG's), the building blocks of the cartillage matrix.  We recommend this product for hard working competition horses or horses with low grade lameness'.


Acorns Equine 'Probiotic'.


This is a nutritional supplement containing a mixture of both probiotics and prebiotics, promoting digestive and gastric health.  We recommend this product for horses suffering from digestive disorders, (eg. diarrhoea, recurrent colic etc), horses on long term antibiotics or at times of stress etc.  It contains high levels of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae.  In contrast to many of the probiotics currently on the market, which often have a yeasty odour, this product has a very palatable mint flavour.